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Account View 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access Account View 2.0 from a desktop?
  • How do I get started with Account View 2.0?
    • To get started, contact a member of Westfield Investment Services
  • How do I access Account View 2.0 from a mobile device?
    • After completing the activation process, you can download the Account View app from your device store below. For clients who prefer not to download the app, Account View 2.0 provides a mobile friendly experience when it is accessed via a mobile browser.
  • Does the Account View 2.0 mobile app work with biometric options like Face ID?
    • Yes- Face ID or Touch ID can be enabled during initial setup of the app or by going to the settings section of your profile at anytime
  • Can I go paperless in the app?
    • Yes- you can go paperless in the app by navigating to the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the web page. Existing paperless settings will transfer over to Account View 2.0
  • How do I reset my password?
    • Use the “Forgot Password” link from the mobile app or desktop platform
  • What should I do if I can’t sign into my account?
    • Reach out to a member of the Westfield Investment Services team for assistance
  • Can I see all the accounts for my household in Account View 2.0?
    • Yes- while each Account View profile provides access to the account for a single person by default, a member of the Westfield Investment Services Team can provide access to additional accounts held by members of your household.
  • What types of investments will appear in Account View 2.0?
    • Accounts managed by Westfield Investment Services will appear in Account View 2.0, whether they are held directly at LPL or networked to an LPL account.
  • Which browsers are supported for accessing Account View?
    • Chrome is the preferred browser, but Account View is available on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • How current is the account information?
    • During market hours, prices and values update every 20 minutes. Intraday transaction information may take up to an hour to appear in Account View 2.0

Get Started with Account View 2.0

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